Are you and your customers ready for the Adverse weather?

Now that winter is upon us, it is important to be prepared for the worst. The nights are darker, and we are facing frost, sleet, snow and ice all of which can cause all sorts of complications.

Preparing for these conditions in advance is a wise move and is sure to help your business function properly during the winter.

We have a range of articles providing useful advice to help keep your business, your employees and yourself safe during the bad weather;

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For those who still don’t take global warming seriously, you might be surprised at the predictions that have been made by the Environment Agency (EA) regarding UK flood defence. Certain weather conditions can hamper progress on a construction site, or worse still, bring a much greater risk of accident or injury to operations. During the winter, as cold weather suppresses the immune system. This makes elderly people more susceptible to illnesses including colds, flu, breathing and cardiovascular problems
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Fear of the flood? Read these top tips!

Warming up before exercise makes you more flexible and aids a fuller range of motion through the joints. This helps reduce the risk of injuries caused by rushing straight into an exercise with cold muscles. A few inches of powdery snow might send the nation into a frenzy, and business owners will testify that the prospect of a day off work can have a serious impact on profits. However, a little bit of preparation can be the key to avoiding disruption – and business interruption. With Spring being one of the seasons most likely to endure flooding, we share our top tips of what should be included in your flood plan.
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