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  • The Driving Environment

    March 2018

    The cars we drive are bristling with environmentally-friendly technology, however, we don’t always get the benefit from them. John Davidge, Head of Fleet Technical at Cardinus Risk Management, discusses how organisations can use tech more effectively.

  • Managing Injuries In The Workplace

    March 2018

    Important changes to the Civil Justice Rules relating to the conduct of bodily injury claims came into effect after 31 July 2013.

  • Tips for driving in poor weather

    February 2018

    The best advice in extreme weather conditions, is to avoid travel unless absolutely necessary. If you have to travel you should prepare your vehicles and drive with caution.

  • Subcontractors - The Importance of Checking Insurances

    January 2018

    An information bulletin detailing the need to check that Bona Fide Subcontractors have the correct insurances.

  • Seasonal Opening Hours - Christmas 2017

    December 2017

    Over the festive period our offices will be closed from 12:30 on Friday the 22nd of December, re-opening on Wednesday the 27th.

  • Technological Addiction

    December 2017

    With screen-time increasing, it’s time to ask some important questions around the way screen addiction could impact our future workforce, says Stephen Smith of Cardinus Risk Management.

  • Needlestick Injuries

    December 2017

    The Health & Safety Executive produces guidance on a range of issues for employers and employees including two particularly useful documents specific to needle stick injuries:

  • Cyber & Data Breach Risks

    December 2017

    Cyber & Data Breach Risks – Understanding the Threat and What You Can Do To Protect Your Business

  • Severe Weather

    December 2017

    Our Top Tips For How To Reduce The Impact Of Severe Weather On Your Business And Home.

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