Stay Safe This Summer

Many of us like to make the most of the warmer weather, and here are our top tips on how to stay safe this summer, whether it's burglar protection or advice on staying cool in the heat.

Our top tips to stop summer thieves

  • Always lock gardening equipment and tools away when you're not using them - and use solid locks that can't easily be broken on your shed and garage.

  • Remember to keep your ladder locked away too, or it may be used to access an open window.

  • If you're off on a summer holiday, consider leaving low energy lights on a timer and asking a neighbour to check on your property and pick up your mail.

Making Barbecues Better - Preventing food poisoning

  • Defrost meat in the fridge - make sure it's completely defrosted before you start cooking.
  • Light the barbecue well in advance to allow time for it to heat up. The coals should be glowing red before you start to cook.
  • Pre-cook chicken in the oven before finishing it off on the barbecue.
  • Make sure you wash your hands regularly, especially if you're handling both raw and cooked food.
  • Eat the food as soon as it's ready.

Driving Safely This Summer

  • If you are involved in an accident, it's important to write down the details as this will help us speed up the claims process for you.
  • Include the date, time and location of the accident, the vehicles and people involved and an account of what happened, along with eyewitness accounts and a diagram of the accident.
  • If you have a mobile phone with you, take photos of the scene and close-ups of the damage.

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