The Driving Environment

The cars we drive are bristling with environmentally-friendly technology, however, we don’t always get the benefit from them. John Davidge, Head of Fleet Technical at Cardinus Risk Management, discusses how organisations can use tech more effectively.

Whatever the vehicle that employees might drive on business, in one respect they all have a common problem. Whether the driver drives that vehicle as though he or she has just stolen it, or as if he were a top-class chauffeur, the rate at which the vehicle’s energy reserves are depleted (and therefore the direct cost to the business) will be directly linked. Worse still if the vehicle is an electric-only vehicle, inappropriate, ill-informed and inefficient driving will soon give the driver a short sharp lesson in range-anxiety which may be followed by rejection of a vehicle they refuse to ever drive again!

However it goes much further than this. As we move into ever more finely tuned technology for squeezing additional miles out of whatever energy source we are using, the result is that all too often the difference between a competent fuel-efficient driver and the ‘getaway driver’ will become even more marked. Often this may be accentuated by ‘who pays for the fuel’ since a driver who adopts a more spirited driving style but is paying for their own fuel may soon see directly the effects on the wallet and is therefore incentivized to drive differently. However, with so many reports reflecting how the ‘ordinary’ driver cannot achieve manufacturer’s fuel figures it is more likely that most drivers will continue their own poor ‘auto-pilot’ driving style and will soon decry the new technology as hype and rubbish, whilst not understanding that the biggest problem lies within the driver’s own head!

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